Ep 4 – Flowering Stage Instructions – Craft Cannabis @ Home

Welcome to the Cannabis Learning Networks beginners guide on how to grow your own organic cannabis at home – this is episode 4 of 5 in our series!

In this 5-part video series we cover: Seed Germination and your grow room preparation, the different stages of plant growth, when and how to transition to flowering, bud development and when and how to harvest including drying and curing.

Episode 4 – Flowering Stage
In this video we’ll cover more on feeding, bud composition, what to expect in the next few weeks until harvest, ways to minimize some of the pitfalls of this stage of bud development, final flushing and knowing when to harvest. Your plants are getting thirsty now. That’s because they are growing buds and there’s a lot of water that needs to travel up the stems to the bud tips for that growth to happen. Feeding them enough is crucial at this point. If they don’t get enough nutrients they will slow development, mature slower or be susceptible to some of the pest or mildew we mentioned in the previous video. We will only continue with fert-alive now, vit-alive on week 5 but increase organic booster to every week up till week 7 or 8 depending on the maturity of your plant. Refer to your grow calendar for detailed feeding instructions.

Follow along in series and before long you to will be growing amazing organic bud, at home, just like the pros.

For the easiest complete organic grow system make sure you pick up the Bluesky Organics Craft Kit here before starting:

You must be 19-years or older in Canada or 21-years or older in the USA to grow at home. We don’t include or sell seeds with the kit we recommend.

Happy Growing!

Episode 1 – Germination:
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Episode 4 – Flowering:
Episode 5 – Harvest:
Kit Unboxing Video:

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