weed cookies , no need to make butter!

No need to make butter first!!

My wife has cancer and she uses THC mainly to manage some of her pains. For quick relief she uses the vaporizer, but for longer lasting pain relief edibles work great. Weather you are using TCH for pain relief or just recreation, please be responsible.

You can use my regular cookie dough recipe to make your weed cookies, or buy some frozen cookie dough from the store. (mine is better though)
First recipe uses AVB(already vaporized bud). With AVB the cannabinoids have already been released, so add it to your cookie dough and cook at normal temperature for normal time. My oven works best at 325F for 12-15 mins.

Second recipe uses fresh buds. With fresh buds you need to bake your cookies for 25 to 30 mins to release the cannabinoids. To do this without burning your cookies, turn down the temperature of your oven. Do a practice run with just cookie dough and test your oven to see what temperature you need your oven at so the cookies are done after 30 mins. My oven works best at 250F for 28-30 mins.

Start with adding only a small amount at first. I started with 1/8 of a teaspoon of fresh buds and had good results. Remember you can always have a second cookie. It takes about 30mins to an hour for the cookies to kick in, so be patient.

Now that your done baking…lets get baked! 🙂

link to my cookie recipe

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