Cannabis Seed Time-Lapse || 4k

The following Time-Lapse was captured over the course of a month. Around 55,000 photos were imported and roughly 45,000 made it to the video. Getting started was challenging as there are many factors in recording continuously. The slightest touch to the camera or any movement in the room would result in camera shake. Memory, lighting, room conditions, and many other factors must be accounted for before starting the #timelapse Because once it starts, you’re locked in.

Special Thanks to all the companies and people who contributed to making this happen. Start off by thanking #JungleBoys for their #seeds The Seed used in the video is a cross of #bananapunch x #nbk x #sunsetsherbert I will be doing a #instagramonly #giveaway of the seed you see in the video after the time-lapse is complete. This video will be part 1 in the hopefully seed to harvest series. Also want to thank #cognysis for their #stackshotx3 and #rotarytable A #pixelpro was also used for capturing different angels and intervals. #Sandisk #256gb #memory for helping me capture non-stop footage. Each individual photo is 5472 x 3648 and with #intervals as short as 20 seconds on certain days, that amounts to A LOT of photos.

During the first couple days of starting this project, my #apple #macbookpro could no longer handle the sheer amount of large files coming in daily. Mid process I purchased an #iMac with all possible #upgrades built into it. Enough to handle the job, however still having difficulty processing #thousands of photos daily.

Also want to thank #foxfarm for having such a simple and affective product. #greatwhite #rootenhancer was also used to help develop a strong root base and #speedup the time-lapse. The footage was captured on a #canon70d with two main lens. The first was a #MPE65 and the second was the #18-135 Programs used were all #adobe from #photoshop #premierepro to #aftereffects .

Playback speed: (20seconds – 1 minute intervals)
30FPS = normal speed x 1
30FPS x 200% = normal speed x 2
30FPS x 300% = x normal speed x 3

Music by: (?) – City Lights
I found the song under non copyrighted section but I can’t find it anymore. If you are the owner of the song please let me know so I can give you credit.

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