how to make edibles ♡ (w/dosing instructions)


Making canna-butter is super easy but VERY time consuming! This whole process takes like… all day :p

What you’ll need…
– weed lol
– 1/2 – 1 cup of oil
– water
– cheese cloth
– thermometer
– grinder
– sauce pan
– medium bowl
– glass baking dish

If decarbing, you’ll also need…
– baking sheet
– parchment paper

1. Dose
– find THC potency (%)
– multiply by 10 to find mg/g
– decide on weed quantity you’re using and what you want the dosage to be per serving (refer to table in video)

2. Decarboxylation (optional despite popular opinion)
* I have made edibles too many times to count and I almost never decarb. It always turns out fine. Everyone is TOO SENSITIVE about decarbing lol*
– preheat oven to 200F
– line a cooking sheet with parchment paper
– spread out weed on cooking sheet evenly
– bake for 30-40 min, mixing up the weed every 10 min
– be VERY careful when decarbing… many of my friends have ruined full oz’s of weed from over heating during this step

3. Grind
*You can use a coffee grinder. I’ve done this many times to save time. However, hand grinding does make a difference in the taste*
– coarsely grind the weed by hand (this helps the end product to be cleaner and less planty tasting)

4. Melt butter and water
– melt butter (or desired oil) and water together 1:1 in a medium saucepan on medium low heat

5. Add flower to butter
– once the butter is mostly melted, add flower grounds and mix thoroughly

6. Simmer on LOW heat for 2-4 hours
– VERY IMPORTANT to keep temperature between 160-200F!
– use thermometer to monitor temp every half hour or so and stir the mixture
– if mixture is over heating, add more water gradually

7. Strain
– after cooking, let the mixture cool down for about an hour
– cut cheese cloth according to size and strain the plant matter from the butter into a bowl/jar/etc
– use your hands to help squeeze out all the butter (DO NOT over squeeze or the cheese cloth will rip and it’s a pain in the ass)
– transfer the butter into a shallow baking pan or dish (more surface area = less time to solidify)

8. Solidify butter in fridge for about an hour

9. Drain water
*If you properly regulate the temperature while cooking, all the water should evaporate and still not burn the mixture. In this case, you will be able to skip this step like I did*
– if you had to add water to your mixture during cooking, there will be excess
– the water will separate, naturally, from the butter while cooling in fridge
– use a knife to crack the surface of the butter and drain the excess water out from under the solidified butter
– dispose of water

Voila! You now have canna-butter ready to use for baking or cooking 🙂

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